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September 16, 2015 Anthony Melendez  #378525 Livingston, Texas Dear Mr. Melendez, I wanted to update you on a couple of things concerning your case. As you probably know, the FORENSIC SCIENCE COMMISSION has a complant that originated from the Joe Sidney Williams and Calvin Washington case concerning bite mark testimony.  In talking with the Commission, … Continue reading

Bite Marks Bite the Dust in Lake Waco Case Anthony Melendez,  in a letter to the TEXAS FORENSICS COMMISSION September 9, 2015, has asked the Commission to not only.  look into the bite mark evidence in the Lake Waco Triple Murder, but also,  he has asked that the Commission listen to the tape recordings described in the CLEMENCY PETITION and other tapes to … Continue reading

Public Information Request Reveals Lawyer Reaves/author Dannen did not have their own client’s DNA until March 2015!

Anthony Melendez told many of us in March that lawyer Reaves went to the Polunsky Unit to get a sample of his (Melendez’s) DNA. A recent Public Information Request from Tarrant County reveals that Mr. Dannen fought a 2010 Public Information Request from Cindy Culp of the Waco Tribune Herald, calling the DNA  “proprietary ownership” … Continue reading